Dental Implant Name:   Trabecular Metal (3.5)

Product Details
Implant Features:
Abutment Connection:   internal    
Abutment Connection Type:   internal hex    
Implant Apical Features:   grooved    
Implant Apical Shape:   domed apex    
Implant Body Features:   non-threaded     threaded    
Implant Body Shape:   tapered    
Implant Body Surface:   blasted with hydroxylapatite    
Implant Body Thread:   V-shaped    
Implant Cervical Features:   polished surface     unpolished surface    
Implant Cervical Shape:   straight transition from body    
Implant Material:   tantalum    
Implant Cervical Features:
Model TMM: 0.5mm Height Machined.
Model TMT: MTX Collar Blast.
Implant Body Design: Mid Section of Implant-Tantalum Trabecular Metal Material, Up to 80 Percent Porosity.
Platform to Abutment Connection: Internal Hexagon. Internal Hexagon Diameter-2.5mm.
Hexagon Depth-1.5mm. Internal Bevel 44 deg. Internal Thread:1-72 UNF.
Platform Diameter-3.5mm.
Compatible Components
Components with Identical Implant-To-Abutment-Connection
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Talladium International Implantology
Talladium-Zimmer screw PZIM35
Talladium-Zimmer screw PZIM35

Top Implants Ltd.
Top Implants-composed CAA-01
Top Implants-composed CAA-01

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Zimmer Dental
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