Dental Implant Name:   SwissPlus Tapered (3.8)

Product Details
Implant Features:
Abutment Connection:   internal    
Abutment Connection Type:   internal hex    
Implant Apical Features:   grooved    
Implant Apical Shape:   domed apex    
Implant Body Features:   threaded    
Implant Body Shape:   tapered    
Implant Body Surface:   blasted with hydroxylapatite    
Implant Body Thread:   reverse buttress    
Implant Cervical Features:   polished surface    
Implant Cervical Shape:   straight transition from body    
Implant Body Thread: Double Lead Thread. 1.8mm Pitch.
Cervical Features: 2.0mm Polished.
Platform to Abutment Connection: Internal Hexagon. Platform Diameter: 3.8mm. Hexagon Diameter: 2.5mm.
Sizes: Implant Diameter: 3.7mm. Implant Length: 8.0mm,10.0mm,12.0mm,14.0mm.
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Zimmer Dental
SwissPlus Tapered (3.8)
SwissPlus Tapered (3.8)

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Zimmer Dental
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SwissPlus Tapered (3.8)
SwissPlus Tapered (3.8)